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Our Mission

A Strong Collective of Pagan Women and Mothers, Serving the Community by Offering Fellowship, Support, and Religious Training.

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Upcoming Events

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Pagan Park Pick-Up - 6/09 8:30am - 11:30am

Challenger 7 Memorial Park 2301 NASA Road One, Webster, TX

Join us while we give back to our community and Honor Mother Earth. If you can not attend but would like to make a contribution you can donate trash bags or garden gloves.

June Evening Gathering - 6/22 @ 6:30pm

Midsummer - Full Moon Celebration

Join us as we celebrate Midsummer under the full moon. Happening on the beach in Galveston, we will have a fire bowl and Midsummer Sun Ritual. There will be a drum circle, possible fire dancers also. This event will be open to spouses as well.

July Evening Gathering - 7/20 @ 6:30pm

Warding with Christine Ann

Christine Ann, Pagan witch and founder of Circle of Pagan Mothers, will lead the conversation discussing the various methods of warding our homes, ourselves, and our loved ones.

Talk About It Tuesday - A Pagan Conversation

Every Tuesday at 7:30pm via Zoom

Talk About it Tuesday is a weekly live series dedicated to fostering open and engaging discussions within the pagan community. Each episode explores a diverse range of topics, from ancient traditions to modern practices, providing a platform for Pagans to share their insights, experiences, and perspectives. Join us every Tuesday for insightful conversations, guest interviews, interactive Q&A sessions, and a sense of community that celebrates the rich tapestry of pagan beliefs and rituals. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting on your pagan journey, we welcome everyone to join the conversation and deepen their understanding of the fascinating world of paganism.

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Circle of Pagan Mothers

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to promoting and preserving the pagan traditions, spirituality, and culture. We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive community where pagans of all backgrounds can come together to explore, share, and celebrate their beliefs. We are committed to promoting tolerance, understanding, and respect for all spiritual paths, recognizing the beauty in diversity while honoring the common threads that bind us as a pagan community.

Board of Directors

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Christine Ann

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Founding President

Christine is a wife, mother of four, ordained priestess, and pagan witch. Her love and dedication for her family coupled with practicing Paganism and her personal beliefs have lead her to a commitment to providing support and guidance to the growing local Pagan community. Christine’s journey of continuous growth and transformation has not only shaped her own life but radiates outward, touching the lives of everyone she encounters. Rooted in tradition, her practice is a harmonious blend of energy work and herbalism. Through her role as a mother, spiritual guide, and practitioner of ancient arts, Christine’s life is a testament to the power of love, connection, and the unending quest for spiritual fulfillment.

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Kat Colquitt

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Vice President

Kat, a true embodyment of a green witch, has carried her family’s legacy spanning three generations in Galveston County. Her profound connection with Mother Earth fuels her duel mission: nurturing both spiritual and physical growth along the Pagan Path. As a loving mother of three lively souls, Kat weaves her magic into every facet of her life. Her home is a sanctuary for not only her cherished children but also for a menagerie of pets and plants. Sustainability is the heartbeat of Kat’s existence, as she champions living in harmony with Mother Earth. Determined to leave behind a planet full of vitality for generations yet to come. She is a beacon of light in the Pagan community.

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Amanda Schoby

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Amanda, a passionate advocate for healing and personal growth, has dedicated her life to making a positive impact on others. As the proud owner of the renowned Jasmine Journey Healing Center, she has touched the lives of countless individuals seeking solace, transformation, and emotional well-being. Alongside her role as a mother and wife, Amanda's unwavering commitment to helping others has made her a beacon of hope and inspiration in the field of massage therapy and holistic healing. Beyond her roles as a healer and an entrepreneur, Amanda embraces her identity as an eclectic witch, seamlessly weaving spirituality into her holistic approach to well-being. This dimension adds depth and uniqueness to her methods, enabling her to reach even greater heights in her quest to uplift and empower those she serves. Amanda's journey is an embodiment of dedication, compassion, and vision.

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Emily Savino

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Emily is a wife and mother to two incredibly spoiled kitties. She began exploring the pagan path when she was just 16 years old after receiving her first book on Wicca. Since that time, Emily has traveled across the country, met many unique people, explored witchcraft and various other spiritual practices. Celebrating the cycles of nature and working with the Goddess are two of her many passions. With interests in herbalism, working with crystals, making handicrafts, and energy healing, Emily considers herself an eclectic kitchen witch. She is a dedicated bookworm, self-proclaimed chocolate snob and tea aficionado. You’ll likely find her researching a random topic, as Emily considers herself a lifelong learner.

Over the last 4 years, she has been working to build a community for witches who want to learn more about the practical side of magick. She is thrilled to give back to pagan community that has supported and nourished her for decades.

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Sage Hussey

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Sage is a lunar witch and dedicated practitioner of paganism. Growing up in a pagan home, her spirituality casts a radiant glow upon her daily life. With an unwavering commitment, she has honed her craft over the years, with a connection to the cosmos that is as potent as it is profound. For the past 5 years, Sage has channeled her energy and empathy towards a different kind of enchantment; working alongside children. As a registered behavioral technician, her luminous spirit guides her in supporting autistic youth, lighting the path towards healing and growth. In the realm of emotional and physical traumas Sage stands as a steadfast guardian, dedicating herself to nurturing resilience and strength within these young hearts. A guardian of both ancient mysteries and modern miracles, she weaves her magic through moonlit rituals and therapeutic interventions alike. Sage's life is both mystical and pragmatic, painting a portrait of a woman who dances between worlds, leaving traces of light wherever her steps may lead.